my god

the Snape one gets me every time.

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I love these shows, but by God they have a lot of problems.

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Never ending list of favorite scenes  (Swan Song)

↳ It's okay, Dean.
Seconds before throwing himself into the pit to save the world, he tries to comfort his brother, seconds before eternity of torture; the only thing he can think of is Dean. 

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Never ending list of favorite scenes  (Road Trip)

↳ Give up, boy. You're not strong enough.
But you see, Gadreel, Sam’s strength isn’t a physical one that is easy to come by, Sam’s strength is his power of mind, his will, his soul.

Sam, the boy who fought against demons, inside and out, the boy who overcame a blood addiction, the boy who spent years in a cage with the devil, the boy who saved the world time after time, that boy grew up to become this man, a man who, even when his physical body is dying, his mind is strong, and his soul is stronger.
That boy, is the man who cast you out.
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*collapses* *goes into cardiac arrest*

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